The image of Senior Pilot Captain Rahayu Kuntardi According to Commissioner of PT Smart Cakrawala Aviation

TRIBUNPONTIANAK.CO.ID, SINGKAWANG Captain Rahayu Kuntardi has passed away following the crash of the Smart Air Caravan he was piloting at Amigaru Ilaga Airport in Papua on Monday, October 25, 2021.
Death of Captain Kuntardi left deep sadness for the entire Smart Cakravala extended family airline.
The reason is because the senior pilot, born in 1961 in Purwokerto, Central Java, was one of the people who helped pioneer Smart Cakrakawala Aviation in the first place.
According to Commissioner of PT. Smart Cakravala Aviation, Fransiskus, Captain Kuntardi are role models for the whole crew. The reason is that Captain Rahayu's dedication to the world of aviation is so sincere.
"He went to the vanguard areas to open isolation and also evacuate disaster and conflict areas, which some pilots were reluctant to do," Fransiskus said on Tuesday, May 26. 10, 2021.
Captain Rahayu Kuntardi, continued Fransiskus, is also a friend, mentor, instructor and protector for junior crew.
“His motto when dealing with problems always says, “Relax, don't over reacted". “A slogan is always soothing and one that we will always remember. Goodbye Captain Rahayu Kuntardi, we can give you the best and most beautiful place to be by his side," he said. (*) Editor: Hamdan Darsani

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