Smartaviation Profile

PT Smart Cakrawala Aviation is an unscheduled commercial air transportation service company. The company was founded at the end of 2016 and is based in Jakarta. Managed by a team that has expertise and experience, as well as professionalism, we are determined to continue to advance, develop also provide excellent service to customers. PT Smart Cakrawala Aviation with the branding "Smart Aviation", is expected to contribute to the air transportation industry, local governments, and society in general. We currently own and control 11 (eleven) Cessna Caravan 208/208B aircraft, 1 unit Pilatus PC-6 Porter, and 2 helicopters, namely 1 (one) Airbus H 130 T2 and 1 (one) Robinson 66. We own and operate a Private Airport in Singkawang – West Kalimantan. We are currently adding fleets of 4 Pilatus PC-6 Porters (one unit in 2021 and 3 units in 2022), 4 Cessna Caravan 208B units, and planning to purchase a twin-engine Cessna 408 SkyCourier.

Being a flight company that prioritizes customers’ safety and satisfaction.

To serve professionally with the principles of good corporate governance.


PT Smart Cakrawala Aviation provides air transportation services in aerial survey, aerial photography, air patrol, passenger, cargo, medical evacuation, and VIP Charter.

PT Smart Cakrawala Aviation has a main operation and maintenance base in Singkawang - West Kalimantan also in Nabire - Papua.